Using lsst-texmf as a Git submodule

Instead of a centralized installation of lsst-texmf, many LSST documents include a specific copy of lsst-texmf as a Git submodule. This page describes how to set up a document repository to use an lsst-texmf submodule, and how to work with these repositories.

Adding a lsst-texmf submodule

To install lsst-texmf as a Git submodule, execute this within your document’s repository:

git submodule add

Add and commit as usual.

Second, ensure that the document’s Makefile uses the lsst-texmf submodule. Typically, you can do this exporting the TEXMFHOME at the beginning of the Makefile:

export TEXMFHOME = lsst-texmf/texmf

If your Makefile uses scripts in the lsst-texmf/bin directory, you can point to that script relative to the $TEXMFHOME directory. For example:

acronyms.tex :$(tex) myacronyms.txt skipacronyms.txt
    python3 ${TEXMFHOME}/../bin/ -t "DM" $(tex)

Lastly, it’s a good idea to include the git submodule code snippet from the next section in the document’s README to remind others how to set up the submodule.

Cloning a document Git repository with a submodule

When making a fresh clone of the repository, you will have to execute this within the repository:

git submodule init
git submodule update