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This document uses the standard lsstdoc class, but renders all bibliography entries. Use this demo to test how new bibitems are rendered in lsstdoc.


\title[Bib testing]{Bibliography Verification}


Standard LSST document class example but using all bibtex entries.
This allows the bib files to be tested as well as the associated
bibtex style.




In the following pages, all bibliographic entries from this repository will be listed.
These are used to test that the entries in the relevant \texttt{.bib} files are formatted correctly.
Bibtex will issue Warnings but the build will only be stopped if Errors are located.

Test the standard references to baseline documents: (\SRD), \DPDD, \LSR, \OSS, \DMSR, \appsUMLdomain, \appsUMLusecase, \SUI, \DMSD, \MOPSD, \DMMD, \DMOps, (\SDQAP), \NewPCP, \UCAL.

\verb|\citedsp|: \citedsp{LPM-17} \\
\verb|\citedsp[]|: \citedsp[Verify]{LDM-503} \citedsp[Requirements]{LSE-61,LSE-30}\\
\verb|\citeds|: (SRD; \citeds{LPM-17,LSE-29}) \\
\verb|\citeds[]|: \citeds{LDM-503} \\
\verb|\citep[][]|: \citep[e.g.,][are interesting]{LPM-17,LSE-29} \\
\verb|\cite|: \cite{LPM-17,LSE-29}